Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall Classics Pool Entry Watch

The teams are starting to trickle in. Matt was first, of course. He almost always is. But where is the Impaler? He is usually the next in line.

We have 9 13 19 teams in the pool so far. Check back throughout the day to who else has joined. And spread the word. A pool party is best when it is full to overflowing.

Chris H
Matt H
Jon B
Ali A
Dallas S
Josh G
LeAnn F
Chris O
Thomas E
David S
Brad E
Ian H
Kevin K
Darryl N-B
Chris D
Andy L
Val L
Jay S
Vic P


Anonymous said...

Well I just got off the phone with Paddy and Naomi is doing well. Her feet are a bit of an issue but with all the good vibes we are sending her hopefully they'll help calm her feet down.

Her stomach and legs are good at the half way point and Paddy said he's doing his best to keep her spirits up.
Beautiful country up there was one of the last things I head. That and he's driving big miles following her around in the mountains.

Dallas " I am sooooo jealous right now." Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update dallas.

I love this vicarious racing.

Running is hard. Naomi is amazing.

jonny g.

The Dark Lord said...

There's not much for coverage out there. We should have sent Aaron the tweetmeister along with them.

Let us know if you hear any more, Dallas.

We heart Naomi.

Anonymous said...

She wrapped it up in 23 hours. Done like dinner.
I heard she was planning her next assault on an ultra;)

Congrats Naomi!

Dallas "reach the beach 2010 was freakin awesome. If you weren't there you really missed out on a great course." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

23 hours of running? That's more than most of us do in several years. Good job Naomi.