Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

Time to come clean. Hot Pursuit was really just an extended training camp for this:

Watch out for Team CMU. Jonny G, The Cricket, KK, and I are ready to rock the ridge.

If you like to ride your bike in any way, shape, or form and do not show up, we will have no choice but to place you under The Ban. Because that would be an unforgivable lapse in judgment.

See you Saturday.


the secretary said...

Even the President and secretary are having a go at this. Really, if such as these are attending, a no-show is a sad place to be.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Adam: Can we put a jersey order together sometime soon? I gotta represent for cross season in just a few short weeks.

Anyone else: room for one more and a bike out to Falcon Saturday? I will pay you in gas money and A&W at Deacon's.

Anonymous said...

If you still want a ride give me a call tonight.786-7554. I plan on leaving at around 7am.
David U

Olli said...

So the replacement sufferer who wants to pave my sidewalk with panfully small patio stones can give me a call. I need to ride for couple of hours at Falcon and get intoxicated for 10 hours.

Tom K said...

Any one need an extra set of lights? I have two good lights (both handle and helmet mounts) that I could drop off/pick up at Falcon.

Lori & I are coming by before the start of the race (enroute to a party in Lake of the Woods) and will be back at Falcon Sunday morning. I'll bring them either way, but call dibs if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Sorry Mr. Unger. Next time.