Thursday, July 15, 2010


KK has been booted from the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. For headbutting. That guy can be such a jerk. It's a wide open race now.

Chris A and John B were the first to seize upon the opportunity. They had 250 points each to share the stage win. Dallas rounded out the podium with a 180 point day.

Full results and standings here


Anonymous said...

Is that thing still on?

kidding :)

I have $10 as a "one on one" challenge for anyone who thinks they can do more laps than me at falcon in 10 hours. Paddy is excluded because , well you know why.

Oh and this is for non registered riders as of this minute. If you register after reading it you qualify.
the time is 5.16 pm Thursday.

Dallas " I can afford to loss ten bucks ." Sigurdur

Oh and then as an add on. As a one on one challenge again I'll throw another $10 if a challenger can do more laps than me in the last 12 of the 24.

Coach Dave said...

I will put more on in 8-hours then you (Dallas) can in 10. I will bring $10 and some humble pie for one of us to eat. If I can put in more (which i can't) in 8-hours then you can in 12-hours... you suck.


Anonymous said...

I accept. I'm guessing without seeing the course that you will finish 15 laps in 8 hours.
Now all I need is someone to accept the final 12 hour challenge.

Dallas " I think Dave and Paddy are going to rip my legs off." Sigurdur