Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Boyfriend is So Powerful

We begin our coverage of the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool just like we did last year, with a little homage to the sweetest thing on two wheels.

That is all there is to say. Except that I can't get myself to pick him for the pools. That just makes things too awkward between us. So I went with Tony Martin instead. He's pretty sweet too. So young and cherubic, our little Tony.

The vicarious prologue was won by Matt R. With points from Millar, Armstrong, Boasson Hagen, and Brajkovic, he picked up 290 to become the first stage winner of the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. Well done Matt! Rachel was second with 265 points. It is her birthday today. This will make her happy. The most popular place to be yesterday was the third step of the podium. Charlie C, JP, Larry K, Mike G, Olli H, and Paddy H all found themselves standing there.

It was not a good day for Prince Dan, Darryl, Miriam, or Steve. They still have yet to find any points. They can be elusive, those points. But hopefully they will find some today. It sucks to lay goose eggs.

Full results and standings here.

Check back later today for the list of teams. You will want to look those over to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. Mistakes suck. But they happen. Best to catch them before they pile up.

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