Monday, July 26, 2010


KK has won the 2010 FGBC Tour de France Pool. His buddy Ricco made it close, getting within 5 points at one point during the final post-race points tabulation. But when all the bonus points were added, RRR's resident classics hard man emerged with a 145 point victory. Congratulations. Tom K rounded out the podium, finishing almost 400 points off KK's torrid pace.

Here are the final standings. Full scoring spreadsheet here.

Kevin K 4250
Chris D 4105
Tom K 3860
Ian H 3810
Chris H 3700
Joe C 3595
Roland H 3595
Mike G 3530
Keith M 3460
Chris O 3425
Greg W 3380
Val L 3360
Chris A 3330
Miriam 3310
Adrian H 3185
Olli H 3150
David S 3145
Melissa H 3130
Brad E 3080
Graham W 3070
Vic P 3035
Dan L 3025
Jonny B 3025
Charlie C 2895
Jonny G 2800
Joshua N-B 2770
Peter D 2665
Matt R 2660
Steve H 2635
Darryl N-B 2605
Adam B 2600
LeAnn F 2580
James F 2575
Matt H 2495
John B 2395
Bill A 2370
Larry K 2255
Andy L 2215
Charlene G 2200
JP 2200
Paddy H 2135
Rachel H 2090
Ellis C 2055
Steve L 2040
Dallas S 2030
Jonah 1970
Tom R 1970
John W 1745
Bruce P 1600
Jay S 1595


Duece said...

I think KK used a gruber assist to pull out that win...

I on the other hand relied on tried, trusted and true EPO.


great times, as usual, thanks for putting it on.

KK said...

The combination of this along with JP's remarkable performance at the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge bodes well for Team JP in the playground challenge.

Brad the Impaler said...

The Victors are saving all their rage for cx season. There will be some serious ass kicking.