Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Idea Time

After 7 months of planning, the Big Idea is finally about to begin. Hot Pursuit 2010 starts tomorrow morning at 7am (9am Winnipeg time) when Arvid leaves White Rock. The Cricket, Jonny G, KK, Dr John, and I leave 24 hours later. The Secretary will be along to capture all the highlights and lowlights on video. And one of Winnipeg's finest young journalists will be spinning yarns for you all to read. Cousin Thomas will be there too, and a bunch of others. It will be a party.

All of this might mean that the activity here at the FGBC HQ is a little slow over the next few days. But check out the Hot Pursuit website to follow the race. For those who have us set as their homepage, the Secretary has been kind enough to provide you with a link on the top right column, just above the 2011 Spring Ride countdown. Check in regularly to see our progress, or to watch KK cry.

We will try to keep up with the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. But that might prove difficult. The race is our first priority. We will see how things go.

See everybody at the Legislative Building on July 21.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about things on this end or the pool. Have a blast in a very spectacular event.

Oh and I hope everyone has a fun and is safe from first to last pedal stroke.

Dallas " now cool by association." Sigurdur

Tom K said...

We'll all be watching and cheering as the Big Idea becomes the new Big Race!

Good luck and safe biking guys.