Friday, July 02, 2010

TdF Pool Watch

[Update - 11:50 pm] A steady stream of entries throughout the evening brings us to 36 teams so far. There is still time. Keep them coming.

The pool is starting to fill up. That is good. It's a big pool, so there plenty of room.

12 16 20 24 31 teams have been submitted so far. There will no doubt be more. Many more. Last year we had 55 teams. Let's see if we can top that, shall we? We already have a few newcomers. Welcome to the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. We will do some introductions later. Check back often to watch the roster expand. This is almost as exciting as the vicarious racing itself.

In case you have forgotten, Melissa won last year's edition. She led from stage 17 on, and managed to hold off a tough challenge from Greg the Lunchbucket kid. James the Weasel finished third overall. We trust they will all be back to defend their high finishes.

Though there are no prizes up for grabs, you are encouraged to form your own side bets. For example, three of the four Duke Religion grads will be rewarded with a round of pints courtesy of the loser at a conference in New Orleans this coming January. Perhaps the other Duke/Durham folks could come up with something as well. The FGBC and RRR will no doubt be able to figure something out. Last year we had a bunch of guys from the same architecture firm in Winnipeg. I believe they had some inter-office action going on. Head to head action is encouraged as well: perhaps the Impaler and Larry can resume the battle they waged last year. Surely Larry has paid up by now, hasn't he? This is fun stuff already. Raising the stakes a bit might make it even more fun. You are encouraged to post your side action in the comments.


Chris H
Steve L
Mike G
Brad E
Vic P
Ian H
Jonny G
Dallas S
LeAnn F
Graham W
Jonny B
Joe C
Matt H
Charlie C
Matt R
David S
Olli H
Melissa H (Defending Champ)
Keith M
John W
Darryl N-B
Joshua N-B
Chris O
Jonah H
Chris A
Charlene G
Adam B
Andy L
Val L
Paddy H
Jay S
Steve H
Chris D
Greg W (last year's runner-up)
Kevin K
Dan L


Brad the Impaler said...

If Contador wins and LA doesn't make the podium, I win even more imaginary beer.

Brad the Impaler said...

It would be very entertaining if LA loses major time on the first mountain day, Janez Brajkovic decides to ride for himself and splits the team.

Or maybe Vino gets a gap on stage three and decides to ride for himself against Contador; A more likely scenario.

co2cycle said...

i've offered to buy a beer to the highest placed Durham person, but i think i need to up the ante.

to keep track on the competition-within-the-competition, could you add each person's "team" affiliation on the scorecard?

-Chris 0 (BCC)

The Dark Lord said...

Good plan Chris. I may need some help though.

Anonymous said...

Well my computer won't let me email my team so,

Andreas kloden
Alberto contador
thor hushovd
julian dean
david miller
Janez Brajkovic
jens voight
yaroslav popvych
sebastian lang

thats my team above, Adrian h

Cadel evans
Andy schleck
Mark cavendish
robert hunter
fiabian cancallara
christopher moreau
Jens voight
yaroslav popvych
volodymir gustov

is team for roland h