Monday, August 02, 2010

Vicarious San Sebastian

The Clasica San Sebastian serves as an opportunity for a rider to make up for a rather disappointing performance at the Tour. And that is what happened again this year. Luis Leon Sanchez missed out on his goal of cracking the top 10 in France. But he found himself getting kissed on the cheek in San Sebastian on Saturday. Same thing for Vino and Sastre, who rounded out the podium.

Fittingly, the story line was largely the same in the FGBC Fall Classics Pool. David and Jonny B finished rather anonymously in the middle of the pack in the 2010 FGBC Tour de France Pool. And Jonah was in contention for the lanterne rouge. But the three of them found the podium on Saturday in Spain. El Presidente won it with an impressive 1080 point performance, thanks to Vino, Hesjedal, and Sammy Sanchez. Watch for him to don his vicarious floppy hat at Grumpy's in Altona on Thursday. Jonah was second, with 890 points. And Jonny B had 800 points to grab the final podium spot.

There were plenty of goose eggs laid. 10 of them, to be exact. So after the first race, the gap between first and last is already over 1000 points. Don't panic just yet though. There is lots of racing left.

Full results and standings here.

The next race is in two weeks, with the Vattenfall Cyclassic in Hamburg.

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