Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TNR Report

As far as TNRs go, it was just like spinning a greatest hits album. Kind of like this one, which was spotted in the Secretary's backpack.

Jonny N was in town. He brought greetings from the Seattle chapter. With his memory leading the way, we embarked on a casual tour through some of our favourite downtown area TNR spots. The Forks, the infinity race track, the short cobbled Shangri-La just off the traffic circle, some tunnels, the parking garage, the Portage & Main elks, VJs, and more. Good times.

Back at the klubhaus, Jonny B was waiting for us. He moves to Toronto in a couple of weeks. We will miss him. Good luck Jonny. Maybe we'll see you at cx nationals. But probably not.

At the south end of the table, Jonny N gave us a lengthy rundown of a gathering of anarchists he recently attended in Portland. Interesting stuff. But eventually the discussion turned to cyclocross. There was some talk about a barrier making operation. That will take place at the President's palace sometime soon. We are excited about Altona on Friday. Jonny G and I will be there. It looks like we might be joined by Vic, the Cricket, and (the freshly minted) Dr. John. It would be nice to see others too. Did we mention that it is now free? Free stuff and cyclocross. How can you go wrong?

The tunes were slightly off last night. Not way off. But not on either. It was the poppier side of the 70s and 80s last night. But that fact was easy to miss. We had a ringside seat for a rather energetic and protracted domestic squabble. With all the emotional hyperboles and beer glasses being thrown around, it was difficult to focus on the music.

At the pre-ride crit, we were missing the Cricket. But KK was there to join Jonny G and me. Once again, we set out with the goal of sweeping the podium. Once again, we failed. It looked promising when we managed to shrink the 6 person field to 4 after the first few laps. But we were unable to shake Sneakers. That guy is cagey. Or perhaps we were just a tactical disaster. That is more likely. We really have no idea what we are doing. But we have fun trying. In the end, Sneakers was kind enough to lead me out for an easy win. KK was third and Jonny 4th. Next week is the Provincial Grass Track Championships. So we have one more crack at a podium sweep on August 31.


El Presidente said...

So my Uncle's Elks are a fav of the FGBC? I'll let him know.

Looking forward to Friday. Johnny S. and I scoped out the track last night with the kids. The TT track (i.e. kids track) is in sweet condition. The cyclocross track is decent too with a few rough spots. But supremely rideable. See you all Friday!

the secretary said...

so I've been busted... carrying Steve's greatest hits... someday I might even crack the plastic... then I might give it back to the person that planted it...

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, do let him know we are fans of his work. And could you also ask him if he'd be interested in doing a series of FGBC busts? Busts as in heads and shoulders. Not our boobs. He would start with the President, of course.

Friday can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I'd be all over friday except the subaru is at subaru getting an oil change and i don"t know if i can get to altona in time.
How long does it take to get there?
what exactly are we riding on? the adult moto course or the 50 kids course? just curious.

Dallas " this race sounds spectacular." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

I wish I could offer you a ride, but my Subaru is full. But it sounds like there are others riding. Maybe it can work out yet.

We will be riding an adult motocross course for the main race (35 + 1). But there will also be a short ITT on the kids track. Short = a minute or so. At least that's what they're saying in Altona.

You should be there if at all possible. It will be good.