Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday Anticipation: Special Monday Edition

I am back from the lake. It was rainy. I dreamt of cyclocross. That is felicitous. The season begins this Friday in Altona, the cyclocross capital of Manitoba. More home made racing. Good times guaranteed.

Other details:

There will be two races:

1) ITT on the kids track.
2) 35 +1 on the adult track.

It costs $10. We are not sure why. Prizes maybe? At ultimate this evening, Johnny announced that the price has been reduced. It is now free. Free is good. Just as KK. He won a free BBQ from that Rickards promotion at the klubhaus a few weeks back.

BYOB. Bring some lawn chairs too, for that matter.

In fact, bring the whole family. Kid Rock's long lost twin says this one is kid friendly.

Post race dogfest at Johnny S's place.


Anonymous said...

You know as fun as the other stuff going on this year has been I'm thanking god that the cross season is on our door.


Dallas " Don't lie to yourself people you know it's all just training for cross." Sigurdur

Adam said...

Congrats Kevin. Nice to hear there was a silver lining to that Dark Debacle. And good that a RR racer won. On principle, Fort Garry members would have felt bound to decline, but nobody wants to turn down free stuff. Especially a BBQ. So thanks for saving us from a moral dilemma.
Eating dogs off the tainted Rickards grill is another matter entirely, and poses no similar crisis of faith.