Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

[Updated: See STXC, below]

It is August and the sweet smell of cyclocross is in the air. The FGBC is starting to rouse from its long hibernation. We have started to look for our race legs at the Tuesday Night Crits. We have not found them yet. There is some talk about Cross Labs. Planning for our two races is in full swing. Menno Cross and Southern Cross will both be bigger and better than ever. And the Cricket is ready to defend his position as poster boy for Cyclocross Manitoba. But all of that is still over a month away. Waiting is hard. Almost as hard as math. Fortunately there are all kinds of other events in the offing, all of which serve as preparation for the sweetest two months of the year.

1) AD/DC

Otherwise known as the Altona Dirty Double Crosser. Otherwise known as the pre-season cx throwdown Johnny S has been talking up for some time now. It will take place at the awesome, if confusingly named, motocross park in Altona. Short time trials on the kids course followed by a cx race on the big course. Maybe a post-race bonfire as well. Bring the kids. This is a family friendly event. Friday August 20, 7pm.

2) Manitoba Provincial Grass Track Championships

In lieu of a grass track series this year, Gianni has thrown all his marbles into one large basket. It will go down on August 24. That is a Tuesday. Consider it an extra long Tuesday Night Ride. Kids are welcome at this one too. They might even wind up as Provincial Grass Track Champions.

3) Gravel Revisited

The Impaler kicked off the season with a gravel grinder in the spring. It is only fitting that we conclude the season with one in the fall. A tentative course has been identified. As well as a name. We will call it the Springstein Rundfahrt. In honour of Cousin Thomas's love of all things German. And everyone's love of fart jokes. Now all we need to do is find a date. How about Labour Day? Or maybe Thanksgiving weekend (no cx race this year) or Remembrance Day?


Kevin B has been talking about a short track race almost as long as Johnny S has been talking up AD/DC. He wants it to be somewhere out it St Nob, I think. Still no word on a date though.

[Update: 1:55 pm] We now have a date. And a time. Next Tuesday, August 10, starting at 7pm at KB's place. More information to follow.

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