Saturday, August 21, 2010

Highway to Helltona

That was good. Very, very good. Altona isn't known as the cycling capital of Manitoba for nothing. They earn it by putting on quality events. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Johnny S came up with AD/DC. A pre-season cyclocross race on a motocross course. Brilliant. Loose dirt and big clumps of clay made for some tricky manouvering. And those hills are a lot more challenging than they look when the dirt bikes go flying over them.

The Cricket pretty much destroyed us all. He easily won the ITT on the kids track. And then he just about lapped the whole field in the cx race. The ABES have the full results. And a more photos too.

A post-race dogfest ensured that we finished off the evening right. I don't see why we shouldn't do this every Friday.


luke enns said...

holy moly that looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

That third-to-last picture looks also sweet.

JP said...

who took that lightning shot??? It's fantastic!!

The Dark Lord said...

I believe that was Mayor Mel.

Anonymous said...

I'm not crying it's just raining on my face.(fotcc)
yep I missed a barn burner.

thanks altona for putting it on I appreciated it.

Dallas " choirs are now done ." Sigurdur

that dave said...

sorry i missed it. i hope there will be another.