Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another One for the Sprinters

The inaugural FGBC Fall Classics Pool is very quickly starting to see the Haves sequestering themselves from the Have-Nots. The Haves are the ones with Tyler Farrar on their rosters (esp. Ian, Ali, and Chris D, currently the top three overall). The Have-Nots are those who looked past Farrar when assembling their gaggle of vicarious racers. Perhaps they thought that he'd not yet recovered from that broken bone he picked up in the Tour. They were wrong. Farrar did not win today in the GP Oest France-Plouay. He finished second behind Matt Goss. But he still picked up 300 points for Ian, Ali, and Chris D. Dallas got those same 300 points too. But unfortunately he has no points this season from anyone not named Tyler Farrar, so he finds himself a little further down in the standings. And yet none of these Haves was the victor in today's race. That honour would fall to Chris O. He did it by picking Goss and Yoan Offredo, today's third place finisher. Throw in another 60 points from Alessandro Ballan and it was a 685 point day for the BCC cx machine. Chris D was second with 475 points. And Ian was only 10 points behind him to round out the podium.

Down at the other end of the standings, we are pleased to report that KK and Prince Dan finally made it onto the scoreboard. Darry and Jonny G, however, did not. Three races in and they've yet to score a single point. But theirs were just two of the the 13 goose eggs laid on the day. That's one more than last week. Wierd. Hopefully we'll have more points scored at our next race, Paris-Bruxelles, on Sept. 11.

Full results and standings here.


co2cycle said...

fettucini offredo!

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chris o!