Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Vicarious Vuelta

The final grand tour of the season starts on Saturday. It promises to be a wild one. Yes, there will be a pool. Maybe it will be up later today. Maybe Friday. We will see. Either way, rosters will be due on Saturday morning. So start your research now.

2) Does anyone still ride mtb?

If so, you might want to consider the mtb provincials. Being a provincial champion is fun. At least that's what the Little Dicke tells me.

More info here.

3) Or maybe you'd rather head to Altona, the cycling capital of Manitoba, maybe even the world.

If so, then you might want to consider this.

4) Perhaps riding a bike isn't your thing. Maybe you'd rather talk about riding bikes. Or watch other people ride. We at the FGBC understand where you're coming from. We even have something to recommend, namely, this.

It's playing at the Cinematheque this weekend.

Now, go out and make yourself useful. Or maybe throw some frisbees around. That is what most of us at the FGBC will be doing this weekend. We consider it cross-training for cyclocross.

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