Wednesday, August 04, 2010

TNR Report

Jonny G raced the Tuesday Night Crit last night along with the Cricket and me. The Cricket won and I finished 3rd. Jonny G did not do his part to make it an all Dark podium. He finished 4th.

In retrospect, however, it appears he was saving himself for the more important event of the evening--Tuesday Night Drag Racing. We found a double elimination bracket on the interweb and 300 meters of smooth concrete just outside the 17 Wing. A random draw set up a thrilling series of head to head sprints. Kind of like roller racing without the rollers. Highlights included the Eppstein brothers, Juan and Welly, facing off in an intense B side battle. Riding Juan's beater bike, Welly took down his older sibling with a late power surge. But Jonny G was the brightest star of the night. He stormed through the A side bracket like the Living Legends do on championship weekend. Nobody really got close. KK worked hard to win the B side and set up an all butter belt finale. But four consecutive races proved too much even for his beefy thighs to handle. Jonny bested his butter belt comrade with ease. Josh spun his way to a third place finish. Good times.

The President and Secretary were waiting at the klubhaus when we arrived. There was lots of talk about Menno Cross. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm about our plan to serve faspa this year. The proposed $1000 purse for the men's A race was affirmed too. Now we just need to scrounge up the money. More importantly, however, the sweet nectar was back. It was beautiful.

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Brad the Impaler said...

That was fun. We really need to do that again.