Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

Cyclocross season is exactly one month away. How awesome is that? Over the next five days, we have two exciting events that will help us all get in a cross mood:

1) Motocross Cross in Altona


From Altona; go south on Hwy #30 1.5 km past McDonalds restaurant, Turn east at Road 6 North and go 0.8km…..the track will be on the north side. (Track is approx. 1.5 hours south of Winnipeg)

The Manitoba Motocross Association describes the track as follows: High speed mostly clay track with lots of jumps, doubles, whoops and bermed corners.

Dogfest and debriefing to follow at Johnny S's place.

Dallas needs a ride. Who will give him one? Drop a comment.

2) Grass

From dirt and clay, we move to grass.

Gianni the Grass Track Czar says it will be an omnium with five events. Only the overall winner will be crowned champion. There will be no discipline specific champions. Bring your A game, where A stands for all-rounder.


Gianni said...

Dallas - want to carpool with Hal and me?

Anonymous said...

Hell ya!
I get off work at 4 so I either have to bring all my crap to work or be at home by 4.50. From casa de sigurur I can get where ever .

Dallas " cross is boss." Sigurdur

El Presidente said...

If any of you gentlemen have trouble finding your way just call my cell., I'll have it on. (204) 324-3334. Or text me. Whatever works.