Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vuelta Pool

Here we go again, boys and girls. The 2010 FGBC Vuelta Pool is open for business. Most of you know the drill by now. If you have forgotten, or are new to this whole vicarious racing thing, take a look at the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. We'll use the same basic rules and scoring system.

Assemble a team of 9 riders, using the following criteria:

Pick 2 GC men (combined value--the number to the right of the riders name--must add up to 4 or more)
Pick 2 Sprinters (combined value must add up to 4 or more)
Pick 1 ITT man (no values this time around. But note that I have taken my boyfriend off the list. He is off limits.)
Pick 1 Climber (no values)
Pick 1 Stage Hunter (no values)
Pick 2 Wild Cards (no values)

The list of riders is right here.

Send your teams here by 8am Saturday morning.

Good luck.

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