Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Pool is Full

Specifically, we have 46 teams playing in the 2011 FGBC TdF Pool. Take a look yours and check out the competition here. Let the second guessing begin.

There is still quite a bit of data entry to do. There are also birthdays to celebrate and races to race. It will take a little while before we have any results. But if today's stage is any indication, we are in for a very interesting three weeks. Hold tight. This will be good.


Anonymous said...

I immediately checked Andy and Dans pics and found what I expected . Three riders who I had never even heard of. I guess thats why they rock the pools.

Dallas " What the hell! nobody picked the cross god but me.' Sigurdur

I propose that not supporting Gadret during a grand tour expels you from picking him during the cross season.

mike said...

I missed the cut- but If I could pick just one, it would of course be THOR SMASH, cause he would win it all by himself of course.

wv. wholast