Monday, February 23, 2009

FGBC CX Pool: Done

The 2008-09 cyclocross season is done. Sven Nys wrapped up another dominant season with a victory over Albert. Those two were unstoppable in the second half of the season. Sven Vanthourenhout finished third. More from CN.

Gary sealed his overall victory in the FGBC CX Pool by taking another stage win. He and Olli each had 365 points on the day. Congratulations Gary! That was an impressive run. He led this thing for all but two stages. Rachel was the only other person to sit atop the standings, and that was just for two brief moments in the first couple of weeks. Gary took over the lead for good on Oct. 19. While it got close at times, he managed to fend off a list of list of challengers--me, early on, and then Jonny M and finally Rachel--with the calm efficiency of a true champion. Well done. Chris A capped off a strong second half of the season by taking third place with 345 points. Rachel and David S were second and third in the overall standings.

Thanks everyone for playing along. That was fun. But now it's time to turn our attention to the Spring Classics. It all starts on Saturday with the race formerly known as Het Volk. I'll have the 2009 FGBC Spring Classics Pool details up later in the day.

Yesterday's Results:

Gary 365
Olli 365
Chris A 345
Ian 335
David S 325
Vic 300
Charlene 300
Paddy & Naomi 275
Deanna 270
Rachel 265
Adam 245
Chris H 225
Jonny M 220
Tomek 215
Hal 190
Dallas 180
Jonny G 180
Andy 145
Matt 125
Brad 120
Bill 100

Overall Standings:

Gary 16520
Rachel 15920
David S 15660
Chris A 15430
Olli 15235
Ian 14200
Paddy & Naomi 14140
Jonny M 14010
Vic 13850
Chris H 13435
Charlene 12875
Deanna 12870
Tomek 12855
Matt 12175
Adam 12020
Jonny G 11965
Dallas 11700
Brad 11495
Hal 10960
Andy 10740
Bill 10275

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Thanks for all the work Chris.