Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awesomeness in Photos

If the MCA doesn't find a way to honour the awesomeness of The Challenge at the awards banquet next weekend, then they are beyond hope.


KK said...



vw: beere

Brad the Impaler said...

Johnny, that Butter Belt will never be yours. Dream all you like.

g said...

just you wait.

just you wait.

KK said...

If I was Sean Avery I might have a comment for you.

wv: ganti (as in anti-g)

g said...

interesting point.

i look forward to discussing the past weekend tomorrow night. See you all at the klubhaus. kk you're the best.

wv: whateverkkyaloser

mike g. said...

notice how small the cricket looks with that pint glass in his hands.