Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TNR Report

After the IceTT and Sloth Cross last week, this was almost like a riding vacation. It was a relatively relaxed ride. Double espressos at the Junk-shon before heading over to Whittier to check out the Festival de Voyageur and hopefully catch a glimpse of Karen's latest work of art. We didn't. It was closed for the day and deadly quiet, save for a lone security guard sitting in his car. Poor guy.

Then it was back to the klubhaus via the river trail. Jonny G and the Secretary got pulled over by the cops for some mild interrogation upon blowing through a stop sign. They got lucky. It was the Secretary's cousin who was behind the wheel.

Bill joined us at the F&H to share some stories from his recent ski trip to Falcon Trails. He had lots of good ideas for the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. Pete's Cabin will serve as the first of two checkpoints. We may visit the wolves and deer carcasses in Death Valley. We will see. It will be awesome.

There was talk of dislocated shoulders and spring classics. There was also talk of the spring ride. And the Honorary Captain's latest appearance in the headlines. The need for another Presidential Intervention ride was noted. It worked in the past. There is some definite lameness going on there. And there were birthday toasts. One for the Cricket and one for the Impaler. There was a conversation of sorts with the old dude who often likes to play air guitar and sing along with the sweet tunes that play over the Hi Fi. He was several beers past the point of sobriety. We did not understand a word he said, but gathered it was about the bikes, which he liked, and how they reminded him of a sweet blue snowboard he'd seen while watching the Olympic on TV. There was probably some other stuff too. But old guys like us can only remember so much.

The tunes were off. Way off. At the start, they were different, but okay. By the end of the evening it was full on sock hop. We left early.


the secretary said...

Thanks to the rest of the team when they disappeared as G and I got stopped by the constabulatory.

Chris Huebner said...

That is the danger of riding at the back of the pack. Your absence was not notice until we reached the bike racks at the klubhaus.