Saturday, September 18, 2010

CX Pool Entry Watch

The deadline is looming. Just under 6 more hours to go.

Ten teams have waded into the pool so far. Hopefully a bunch more are on the way.

Chris H
Jonny N (who will be at the race in Seattle today)
Matt H
Ryan A
Ian H
Josh G
Olli H
Andy L
Jonny B
Dan L

Meanwhile, over in Spain, today should decide both the real race and the vicarious one. Dan has Nibali and Roche, who are first and seventh before the confrontation with the monster named Bola del Mundo. I have Mosquera and Peter Velits. They currently lie in second and third place. Can Mosquera do it?

Good luck to everyone racing at Wildwood today. Those of us with Saturday commitments are left wishing the race was still on Sunday, as originally scheduled. But we will be back next week at Menno Cross. The date will not change.

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