Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweetest Jersey Order Update

Confirmed orders thus far:

Tony H: 2 SS Jerseys XL/S +1 Jersey for the Fox & Hounds towards which I'm taking contributions
Dr. H: 1 Jacket L
Adam: 2 SS Jerseys XL/L, 1 SSS Jersey L, 1 Fleece XL
Thomas: 1 SS Jersey L

Get your orders in by Friday.

(Olli and other lurkers, your orders for non-race day wear are now officially welcome too)


the secretary said...

On behalf of one of the charter FGBC members who lives in Sask, I will be the point person on 1 Custom CS Windguard/Fleece Casual Jacket. size. xl

Ryan A said...

jersey is sweet, tempted, but RRR would be unpleased.

g said...

1 large club cut jersey full zip

1 large jacket as the dr. prescribed.

please and thank you.

wv: argess(morgan's dog??)

g said...

sorry...the jersey should be ss.


Cricket said...

1 medium ss race cut full zip
1 medium ls race cut full zip
1 small ss womens 3/4 zip
1 large ss race cut 3/4 zip

Olli said...

I'll pass this one. I just purged a whole bunch of non-race day clothes.

Adam said...

Matt, I assume you will tell us where and when (and how much) money should be given?

mhandsco said...

I gots all y'all.

@Adam: I will indeed, good Sir.

PaddyH said...

So the RRR granny gitch is sold out in all sizes so this is our request from AB:

med ls full zip-1x med
sleeveless gun show- 1x med, 1x small


Anonymous said...

1 small short sleeve race cut 3/4 zip!