Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CX Pool Weekend Roundup

It was not a good weekend for K-Smash. Menno Cross did not go as well as he'd hoped. It seems his big ring was allergic to the mud. Or perhaps he just can't hold his yerba. Either way, it was a disappointing day for RRR's lone A racer. Over in the CX Pool it was even worse. Heading into the weekend with a 300+ point cushion over Jonny G, KK saw his early lead evaporate. He now sits in fourth place overall, ceding the top spot to the Seattle Chapter. Gary has moved into second overall. Currently sitting in third place is our very own Race Director. Jonny G fared just as poorly as KK. He's dropped down from second to fifth.

Full results and overall standings here.


KK said...


Anonymous said...

how do you add the numbers. i think (?) mine are wrong! are they? tomek

The Dark Lord said...

The computer adds the numbers. It is never wrong. Sometimes, however, things don't always get set up just right. That is human error. If only we could eliminate humans altogether, just think of how happy we could be.

The good news is you are not in last place. Hal is. You are in 16th. Solid.