Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TNR Report

Good times. Some new faces. And some old ones we haven't seen in a while.

It was a working ride of sorts, led by the FGBC's newly constituted R&D Dept. We checked out a few toboggan slides for a new project that is about to commence. This took us, first, to the newly spiffed up Central Park. Their slides do not really conform to our needs. But they did provide an opportunity for some fun.

First, Jonny G tested the grade. It is quite steep.

Little Luc followed this up by attempting to ride the slide. This did not work out so well. His bail, however, we flawlessly executed.

And his bike came to a rest safely at the bottom of the slide.

From there, we headed to Whittier Park. But not before Tristan entertained some young ladies with a crash of his own. The toboggan slides at Whittier were more to our liking. And we left emboldened to carry on with our project.

By this time, some were getting thirsty. So we made our way back to the klubhaus. It was busy. And there was only one server on duty. Cousin Thomas kept her scrambling on account of his need to practice his mad thirst quenching skillz. The Hipster entertained us with tales of his recent trip to Iceland. And there was much talk about cx and how awesome the upcoming season is going to be. Good times.

Earlier in the evening, at the pre-ride race, things did not exactly play out as we'd envisioned. Team FGBC-RRR had a plan. It seemed like a good one. The goal: to deliver either Jonny G or KK to the top step of the podium. Unfortunately, our execution of this plan made the much maligned US led efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan look virtuosic by comparison. There were pedal strikes, skids, and near crashes that led to some early chaos. We lost Jonny G in the effort to regroup. And then KK disappeared with about 4 laps to go. Maybe he forgot to take off his butter belt again. Despondent in the face of this sad turn of events, I very nearly packed it in and settled for 4th. But then a little head popped out of the grass track urn I was carrying in my jersey pocket for good luck and said something. I couldn't see it. But it sounded like Paddy. And it uttered only a single word: "Dude." By which I understood, "That is not behaviour befitting of a Provincial Grass Track Champion." I know enough to know that you should always listen to Paddy. So I gave it one last kick around the final corner and managed to claw my way back to second at the line. Sneakers took the win.


tenacious v said...

I am sad to have missed last nights activities. Anytime you can watch a former student consume a pint of beer in 2 seconds, and have it recorded for posterity , you can call the evening an event. All the best Thomas as you head south. As someone with a few years of teaching under his belt, I would advise you not to share the gift you demonstrated last night with your students.

Luc said...

thats a great picture,
my ankle is very much swollen.

PaddyH said...


Brad the Impaler said...

Slide ride fail: Too much alcohol or too little?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Vic. At no point in that video did I say I was proud of that God-given gift, but it would be rude to waste such talent.

I suppose I'll see you ladies at CX in a few weeks. Drive safe.