Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TNR Report

CX rigs were out, so we did a short race. It hurt. So we must have done it right. We also tested out the proposed course for Menno Cross. It was generally affirmed. And there were even some helpful suggestions made. We will incorporate those. Which means it will be even more awesome than we had anticipated. The people will be pleased.

Back at the klubhaus, we were happy to see the Secretary and President out for some Menno Cross talk. But the President seemed more concerned about how to make sense of his discovery that the Hipster is his neighbour. Or at least was. He still goes back to visit his parents from time to time. They are separated by just two houses. Worlds collide. The following visual was set up to demonstrate just how close the orbits of those two worlds are to one another. The Presidential palace is the piece of crumpled paper on the right. The Hipster grew up in the house represented by the glass on the left. I forget who the lemon slice and Blackberry refer to. But they were named as well. The more troublesome question is why there was a slice of lemon present at all. That is not part of the regular FGBC sanctioned program.

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penner said...

the lemon slice is "oma Louise"