Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

Two more sleeps. Menno Cross Week continues.

We have barriers. Lots of stakes and tape, pylons and bales. We have a bunker and some stones. There are hills. Maybe a few puddles. And tents. More tents than last year. CMU students and alumni will supply us with the soundtrack.

We have prizes. The total purse will be $600: $100 each (3 deep) for the women's A race and men's and women's B races; and $300 (7 deep) for the men's A race. We're still a long way from the UCI payout scale. But we're also a long way from that level of racing. Bring it.

We also have faspa. The menu looks like this:

cold meatballs and farmer sausage

And there will be a yerba bar.

The weather forecast looks promising: 18 and sunny.

Are you excited? The Cycle Chick is. This is going to kick A.


Brad the Impaler said...

Cash prizes and faspa? Raising the bar again.

felonious said...

Looks like fun, but I expected to see snow on the course.