Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vicarious CX: The First Week

Menno Cross Week also features some vicarious racing.

KK is off to a hot start in the 2010-11 FGBC CX Pool thanks to Francis Mourey's little trip to the USA. Mourey won both races in Seattle last weekend. And then he won again at Cross Vegas yesterday, breaking the heart of Jamey Driscoll in the process. KK won the vicarious versions of all those races. Rachel won the lone race over in Belgium.

Jonnys N and G round out the overall podium. They are close to each other, speparated by just 10 points. But they are a long way back from KK, who has a 330 point lead over Jonny N after just 4 races.

Full results and standings here.

Perhaps the biggest news for the CX Pool happened off the race course. Niels Albert has announced that he will miss at least four weeks as he recovers from a sore knee. That is bad news for about a third of the teams in the pool.

Four more races this weekend. Two in Wisconsin and two in Belgium.

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