Sunday, September 19, 2010

Starcrossed Report

Abusive, soggy, and slick conditions were on hand this evening, or in other words - cross perfection. Last years wet and rainy conditions were a sunny day in comparison with tonight. Similar to last year, the women's elite race was a one woman show. Sue Butler had a great start, but Katerina Nash took the lead in the 1st lap and never looked back - totally dominant.

The elite men raced hard. Francis Mourey benefited right away, having been ahead of a crash that happened in the first turn after the start. He held onto an 11 second gap over Page in second place, before Trebon fought his way through traffic - from about 12th spot, passing Mourey about half way through the race to take the lead. Trebon made up about a 45 second gap in that effort to pass Mourey. Mourey 'let' Trebon set the pace for the rest of the race, and the two of them dropped the rest of the field. It seemed very clear that Mourey was just waiting for his time to pass Trebon and take the lead, which he did in the last straight away before entering the velodrome for the last time and the hairpin turns that he maneuvered through en route to the win.

Good night.

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The Dark Lord said...

Awesome. Thanks Jon.