Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deals on Wheels

We all know that the best deal going is the so-called citizen race license. $40 to buy a beginner race license and the awesome race organizers we have in this province will basically let you race for free. The hitch, though, is that it's good for one season only. After you're hooked--and let's face it, you will get hooked--you've got to pony up for a real license just like all the other big boys and girls who like to race their bikes. So if you have never taken out a race license before, pick up a citizen license. Then race your little heart out, and show your thanks by purchasing a regular license the following year.

Word on the street is that some crazy kids have gone and purchased a citizen license for a second year in a row. We are sure that was simply a result of misunderstanding and not an attempt to scam those heroic folks who provide us with races to race in. And we are even more sure that none of the inadvertent scammers were FGBC members. But on the off chance you screwed up, give the MCA office a call and get this straightened out ASAP. It is no fun showing up for a race only to find out you're ineligible.

The good deals don't stop with the citizen license, however. This year, the cx organizers have gotten together to offer a season pass. For just $90 you can register for all the races (except for provincials). Do it race by race and it would cost you $120. Races will be $15 this year, so you basically get two races for free. But wait, there's more. Seasons Pass holders also get their names entered in a draw for some of those same sweet brakes that Gary gave away at his race last year. Passes will be available for purchase at the first two races of the season: Wildwood next Saturday and our very own Menno Cross the following week. More info over at CXMB.

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