Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speaking of Three Pools

The GP Wallonie took place yesterday. Who knew? Not me. But we caught it and have updated the 2010 FGBC Fall Classics Pool. Paul Martens won the real race. That was good news for Val and Thomas. Even better for Val, Gerben Lowik finished in 11th place. Between Martens and Lowik, Val picked up 450 points and big win. Those 350 points Thomas got from Martens were good enough for second place. KK took a different approach. He got 340 points from Evans and Roman Feillu to take the final podium spot. Once again, there were plenty of goose eggs. Of the 23 teams in the pool, only eight of them wound up with any points at all. Perhaps the biggest news of the day is that Darryl's was one of the teams that found the scoreboard. He picked up 225 points thanks to Giovanni Visconti's 6th place finish. This moves him well out of the cellar. He now has a 195 point cushion over Jonny G.

Full results and standings here.

Over in Spain, it was another day for the sprinters. Nothing terribly exciting there. But don't tell that to Bill A. He picked up a belated birthday present, winning the stage on the strength of a 285 point performance. Vic and Ryan shared second place. They both had 275 points. No big changes at the top of the standings. But there's some indication that a shakeup may be on the horizon. Specifically, King Andy's lock on second place (over 300 points just four days ago) looks to be on shaky ground. It's less than 50 points now.

Full results and standings here.

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