Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What in Tarnation?

First off, apologies for the lengthy delay. The FGBC Low Stakes Gambling HQ was closed for the long weekend in order to facilitate some much needed bike riding. And today, just as we were about to get back to work, we found ourselves struck dumb in the face of some truly astonishing developments in the world of professional pedal bike racing. To put things into context, rewind the clock to July 2006. Some will recall the day the honorary captain pulled off what can only be described as one of most awesome rides in the history of history. Of course, we at the FGBC know that this had largely to do with his post-race rehydration program consisting of JD and Amstel Gold after the stinker of a performance he turned in on the previous day's stage. Those were some good times. And yet much has changed in the peloton since that day. So much so that it is not entirely clear that we are participating vicariously in the same sort of sporting event. But nothing captures those changes more than the bombshell that dropped from the Vuelta this morning, reporting that Andy Schleck and Stuey O'Grady have been turfed from the race by their own manager for enjoying a post-race pint or two. What next?

That is the bad news. The good news? It was supplied by the FGBC's Dept. of Integrity, which reported that almost everybody in the 2010 FGBC Vuelta Espana Pool responded by doing the right thing--namely calling off their riders and staging an impromptu protest of sorts. What else can explain the collection of goose eggs that were laid on today's stage? Half the field ended up with a grand total zero points. And those who did find themselves with a few riders in the top 20 clearly held back to make sure they ended up with underwhelming totals. Only Josh topped the 100 point plateau on the day. That is not surprising. Josh always seems to have to do things differently. He gets the stage win. Too bad it is tarnished more than KK's 2009 butter belt.

Prince Dan continues to lead the race. But the Lunchbucket Kid is closing in. This thing is far from over.

For everything else that happened over the last four stages, surf on over here.


Adam said...

Now I'm glad we didn't have daily updates. Much less disappointing to find oneself firmly in possession of the lanterne rouge than to watch a slow but steady descent into last place.

Josh G said...

since the rules stipulate a deduction of points, I thought I should ask what's on everybody's mind - namely, does ejection for unsanctioned beer-drinking constitute a doping violation?

hooray for wildcards!

The Dark Lord said...

No. Read the rules again. Carefully.

And besides, neither of these guys has any points to be deducted anyway.

El Presidente said...

Another indicator of strangeness is that I am still within a short step of the podium.