Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't ever watch Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Current standings:

Liam - 9
Dallas - 8
JP - 8
Tomek - 8
Chris - 7
Craig - 7
Brad - 6
Thomas - 6
Mark - 6
Graham - 6
Vic - 6

After that, it gets a little messy.

Now playing: The Eiger Sanction


Brad the Impaler said...

Where else will you see a '65 Chrysler Newport with it's enormous trunk full of huge white rabbits, which are then tossed on the grass and shot? Most random thing I've ever seen in a movie. And almost enough to redeem the whole film;

Brad the Impaler said...

Excuse me: it was a '73 Plymouth Fury. Stupid internet...

JP said...

I brought 2 sets of MEC rapide cycling shorts to sloth cross, and returned with 3 pairs. If someone is missing a pair please let me know!!

They're in good shape, tags ripped off. Looks like size large

the secretary said...

Nice. Usually you leave your stuff behind. This is a good turn for you.

I'm going to suggest that the aforementioned film had depths we were unable to comprehend given the setting we were viewing in... good actors make mistakes, but this would be a bit large by most accounts

KK said...

The rabbit scene, in all its splendor: