Tuesday, February 08, 2011


There are superheroes among us. They don't always wear their outfits. But when they do, they look real cute. Whether we are accompanied by superheroes tonight remains to be seen. But we will ride either way.

9:30 pm at my place.

At the klubhaus our goal is to come up with a preliminary program for the Sloth Cross film festival.


Anonymous said...

Love the new(?) FGBC logo.

The Dark Lord said...

Good eye! Wait until you see the new jersey and shorts. We are waiting on Howard Mandschein for help with a new superlative. What is beyond sweetest?

The virtual launch is coming soon. They real thing should be here in time for the Spring Ride.

Brad the Impaler said...

I am riding, but may be a bit late.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Any word on new/more wool? In the summer, my roommate threw mine into the dryer.

In other Dude-related news, check out this interview. If you lack patience, just go to 4:31.


Tom K said...

Sweeter is cooler!

Nice link Thomas ... more dude is better!

Can't make it tonight ... on call and something is brewing up north ... maybe the klubhaus later, have fun.