Thursday, February 03, 2011

TNR Report

Dedicated to Cousin Thomas. We miss you.

It was a small group of riders. Some of us were hobbled by injury. Some were playing around in the Magic Kingdom. Others were busy playing volleyball and hockey. Most, however, missed it for no good reason at all. Still, those who rode said they had fun. It was a short ride, though. They went to the Ass Park toboggan hill and played around a bit. But it was cold. Very cold. So they retired early to the klubhaus.

The klubhaus gathering eventually swelled to reach numbers more along the lines of what we have come to expect. The tunes were wildly unpredictable, as was the dark. When they were on, they were really on. When they were off, it was a chore just to survive until the next number. But it didn't really matter this week. In fact, for the first time ever, some openly wondered whether we should ask them to turn off the tunes altogether and just turn up the volume on the TVs. That is because Big Air was playing. It captured our collective attention and brought the conversation to a near standstill for about an hour. Except for Tom K. He just kept talking. Things picked up again and became more genuinely dialogical when the trick shot billiards competition came on. We talked about our friends at the Arrowhead 135 and how awesome they are. We also revisited Graham's ugly incident at last year's Spring Ride. But the bulk of attention was dedicated to a series of 24 Hour Races: beginning with 24 Hours of Clint, we spent some time in conversation about which films to include. Do your homework and come prepared to vote next week. We will bring a list. We also came to a preliminary decision on next year's Sloth Cross and Film Festival. This occurred when Jonny G pointed out that it was Groundhog Day. At this point, the early favourite is 24 Hours of Bill Murray. Next, we gave some consideration to the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge, and in particular the lodging arrangements. Bill confirmed that we have officially been given the green light on camping. There is no need to be clandestine this year. That is good news. It will be a party. From there we turned our attention to the potential of a third 24 hour event. This one would happen on the weekend of the summer solstice, probably June 17-18. It would start on Friday evening and end on Saturday evening. There is still some work to be done, but everyone should pencil it in on their respective calendars. Let's call it "24 Hours of Arvid" for now. Arvid can ride over 700 km in 24 hours. How far can you go? More info to come on that one.


Tom K said...

Ah yes, well put ... everything that night was longer (time at the klubhaus drinking dark, long ride discussions, long waits for good tunes, etc) except for the riding in the frickn cold!

I really enjoyed sitting across from the Brad and Bill show - good times.
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Anonymous said...

Danke sehr.