Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six hours in

The Good the Bad and the Ugly just finished. It is long. Very long. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is up next.

Current standings:

Dallas - 6
Liam - 6
JP - 5
Craig - 5
Hal - 5
Chris - 5
Tomek - 5
Graham - 5
Brad - 4
Tom K - 4
KK - 4
Mark - 4
Darryl - 4
Vic - 4
Thomas - 4
Albert - 3
Scott - 3
Jonny G - 3
Johnny S - 3
Wayne - 2
Luke - 2
Matt - 1

It seems we have miscalculated the movie laps. Actually, we had it right originally and KK convinced us to change it. We should have remembered that KK is a problem. There is currently a debate about how to adjust it. That would mean the standings above will change. It could get animated. Animation is fun. Stay tuned.

We may have miscalculated the running laps to. Dallas is destroying us. The running laps will not be adjusted, however. Dallas is awesome.

1 comment:

Gianni said...

Perhaps the scoring conundrum is indicative of a Nordic Cross schism...

Is this series pro or con on the whole sinning subject? Pro: In glutton and greed cros, sinning is rewarded (at least int he short term), while in pride cross it is punished.

Overvalued movie laps are tempting and may have short term rewards, but in the long run, what is the effect? Perhaps you'll win and end up with an asterisk beside your name. Or you'll be overhyped and proceed to disappoint for the remainder of the 2011 season. It does seem "pro" sin, though.

On the other hand, running seems to be quite clearly vital, or anti-sloth. Highly valuing the discipline seems to take a "con" stance vis-a-vis sin.

All in all, very confusing indeed.