Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laatste Ronde

After 70 races, we are down to the last lap of the 2010-11 FGBC CX Pool. The season wraps up tomorrow with an indoor race in Hasselt. It is all very exciting, in part because the makeup of the overall podium is still very much in the air.

There were three races this weekend. Jonny G and King Andy shared the win in Cauberg. They had 375 points each. Prince Dan finished third with 365 points. Olli took the win in Eeklo with 295 points. Gary had 285 to finish second, while Jonah and Tomek tied for third with 275 points apiece. And in the final race of the GVA series in Oostmalle, Miriam took the win with 415 points. Chris O was second with 405 points. And Olli once again found the podium. His 380 points were good enough for third place.

In the overall race, Gary lost his lead for a brief moment on Saturday. He took it back later in the day and pushed it up to 130 points. But after Sunday it was down to just 50 points with one race to go. Given the significant overlap between Gary's team and mine, it all comes down to Albert vs. Vantornout and Franzoi. If latter pair concede less than 55 points to Albert, Gary wins. If Albert beats them by 55 points or more, I win. According to the start list, Franzoi will not be racing. So it's a head-to-head battle between Albert and Vantornout. The Big Forehead vs. the Lanky Blond. The battle for third is equally up for grabs. In fact it's even closer. Jonny B currently holds onto third overall. But Olli is just 10 points back after his big weekend. Jay was right there for a while, but dropped back after a poor showing on Sunday. Unless he comes up with something very special, it looks like the final podium spot will go to either Olli or Jonny B.

Full results and overall standings here.

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