Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

We will stick with the same schedule as last year. The race starts at 10 am on Saturday and concludes with the Sal's lap on Sunday morning. That worked out nicely last year. There will be a pre-race meeting at 9:30 am. Whether the editor and her fake moustache make an appearance will remain a mystery until then. There will, however, no doubt be a long list of rules.

But one rule should already be stated at this point: the poosher's palace is a peanut-free zone. So kindly leave your peanuts and other potential allergy inducing products at home.

The program is coming together nicely. Here is what things look like after the meeting at the klubhaus on Tuesday. There may be some changes yet. But after next Tuesday, it will be set.

High Plains Drifter
Gran Torino
Dirty Harry
Fistful of Dollars
Pale Rider
All the President's Men
Million Dollar Baby
Mystic River
The Eiger Sanction

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Revenge of the Creature (his first ever appearance, though uncredited)
Any Which Way But Loose
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Escape From Alcatraz
Thunderbolt and Lighfoot (featuring not only Clint, but the Dude before he was the Dude, Daisy Duke before she was Daisy Duke, and Gary Busey before his motorcycle crash)

Of course, the mandatory Big Lebowski lap is once again on the program. And yes, Juan Eppstein, by mandatory we mean mandatory. Also, should you fall asleep during any film, you do not get credit for having watched it. In fact, we talked about the possibility of a one lap penalty for anyone who nods off at any point while watching a film. This would mean, for example, that the poosher's results from the 24 Hours of Coens edition would be negative. We will revisit that matter on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Best picture ever. Kinda reminds me of Star Wars for some reason. Think we'd ever do 24hrs of George Lucas?

wv: rastor

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun can I bike/ run it?
I need to socializing and hundie training time.

Dallas "I thinking of racing an internally geared bike in 2011." Sigurdur

Oh and just in case it hasn't been said lately......Ricco is a douche.

The Dark Lord said...

Last year each lap counted as two for the runners.

By Ricco, do you mean the guy who hangs out with B-Rad and KK from time to time (but almost never races) or the guy who almost killed himself with a bad blood transfusion earlier this week? Just checking.

Tom K said...

It will be great to see ya running with us Dallas "I chew on steel for the fun of it" Sigurdur! 2 for 1 seems fair.

The video list looks great. Btw, I can bring my Clint Action Collection (Firefox, Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes and Heartbreak Ridge) if wanted.

You'd figure a two year suspension would be enough for Ricco to learn his lesson!? Darwin Award!

KK said...

BTW - All The President's Men should be In The Line of Fire. I'm sure you all caught that, but were too polite to point it out. Who came up with that list, anyway?

Brad the Impaler said...

I had nothing to do with it...