Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TNR [Updated--not so much polemica as memoria]

Two Three things will make tonight special:

1) We will preview this weekend's race course. Jonny G and I got out there on Sunday and came up with something we think is pretty much perfect. Most importantly, it is quite a bit different than last year. Five years and five entirely different courses. This year's course is roughly 11 km long. There is about 1 km of riverbank singletrack and three kms on the river (in three separate segments). There will be some stairs to run up and a portion that will no doubt end up being unridable after a while. Actually, neither of us rode it on Sunday. So you can expect to shoulder your bike every now and then. It is, after all, a cross race. We also need to finalize the route in and around the Forks. After tonight, it will be all set.

Other details of the weekend will be finalized tonight as well. We will revisit the program for the film festival. This is your last chance to make a case for your favourite Clint film.

2) Take a look at the countdown. It will be sitting at exactly 100 for the bulk of the day and stay there through the ride and meeting at the klubhaus. A nice round number like that needs to be acknowledged. We will do that tonight with a toast. And then next week we will celebrate the fact that it is down to double digits.

[Update: 10:20 am] 3) We will also celebrate the tragically truncated life of Marco Pantani. He kicked ass and we miss him. Yesterday was the anniversary of his death, so the Pirate gets a toast as well.

9:30 pm at my place.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun and I look forward to it. I don't have a bike ready though so will someone make a quick map for me tonight so I know where to go?

Oh and what are everyones thoughts on the Rohloff hub for mtb racing?

Dallas " left foot , left foot , right foot, right. feet in the day , feet in the night." Sigurdur

Brad the Impaler said...

The mighty Jonah Clark used to race on one. I don't know him, but I saw the bike. If you know how to get a hold of him he'd be a guy to ask.

Anonymous said...

I know Jonah rocked that thing at the 24's we raced together but I seem to remember him having wrist issues on the long stuff from the grip shift style shifter.
having said all that I don't recall him ever complaining about it. Sold!!!

Dallas " I just watched the jungle book cartoon for the first time yesterday and it was AWESOME!!!!" Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Dallas, we will get you a map. But we have to finalize the course first. Hang tight.

PaddyH said...

the gripshift style shifter is the only iffy thing about that design(at least for long stuff)...Naomi learned that at Wausau the year of the tornado watches. As someone in the bike industry though, I support you wanting to blow some cash on gear. See y'all in July likely...

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