Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sloth Cross Results

Just the raw numbers for now. Photos and maybe some words later.

Liam - 18 laps
Tom K - 17
JP - 16
Craig - 16
Mark - 16
Graham - 15
Dallas - 14
Chris - 14
KK - 14
Brad - 13
Vic - 12
Jonny G - 12
Johnny S - 12
Thomas - 11
Tomek - 11
Scott - 11
Darryl - 10
Albert - 7
Hal - 5
Luke - 4
Wayne - 3
Matt - 1
Colin - 1

There are some strange bookkeeping practices in evidence on the results sheet, and a few interesting rule interpretations. We decided to let sloth win the day and let them stand as is. To try and get everything sorted out would be far too much work.

Good work boys and girls. And congratulations Liam! That was a well deserved win. He found the perfect balance between riding and movie laps.

Current standings after four races:

Craig 105
Chris 97
Graham 74
Jonny G 69
JP 59
Brad 58
Liam 50
KK 46
Ian 45
Tom K 45
Mark 36
Tomek 35
Dallas 32
Darryl 27
Hal 26
Vic 24
Johnny S 20
Dave E 19
Thomas 18
Charlene 14
Scott 14
Albert 10
Luke 6
Wayne 4
Matt 2
Colin 2
Lindsay 0


Tom K said...

WOW ... that was a blast! Thanks to the FGBC for organizing a fun and challenging event and to Tomek for hosting - again.

Congrats Liam ... you lad are speedy and know how to find the right balance of effort, sloth and fun!

Scariest highlight ... had three juveniles take a little too much interest in my bike at 11:30 Sat nite!

Funnest highlight ... 6:00 am TrgCoop lap with Scott and Graham!

Coolest highlight ... Graham finishing his Bfast lap on his front rim only!!

Tons of great memories for me and glad I was able to follow through with my building training plan of endurance riding this year. I got in 15 laps (including the Bfast lap) for 167 kms of Nordic Cross worthy biking. The Big Lebowski was a hit again - cool and crazy! Great soup Tomek! The Pugsley's ruled!

KK said...

Chapeau to Liam for win and to Dallas for the running...and laughs.

JP said...

Also, hats off to Tomek for opening up his pad to a bunch of sweaty dudes... And also to Tom K for the most miles ridden!

Great times!

PS: I've got someone's MEC Rapide cycling shorts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great weekend guys. I also appreciate you helping me out with the training. I promise to have a bike at the next nordicross event:)
Super thanks to Tom and the family for allowing this to happen. I also really enjoyed the soup.
I check my spot (anyone can) and did forget to mark a lap down in between 2.30 and 7.45ish. Thanks for trusting me though and giving me the credit.

Dallas " You guys are just to kind." Sigurdur

Oh and the pieces of Clint movies I watched ( including all lightfoot something ) sucked ass.