Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sloth Cross: The Map

It's just about 11 km on the nose. In some respects, the course is very similar to last year--the laps are about the same length, there is the same amount of singletrack, etc. That is good, since last year's course was pretty much dialed in to perfection. But at the same time about 80% of the course for this year is new, so that will keep things fresh as well. Familiar and fresh--it's a winning combination, really. The freshness will no doubt wear off after a lap or two. But at the same time, the familiarity factor will skyrocket. So it should all balance out in the end. Balance is what the FGBC is all about, after all. That is what the B really stands for. The course gets a little tricky by the Forks. But there's a good reason for that. This year's course set out to take the "cross" part of Nordic Cross seriously and features not one but two cx style run-ups. If you must try to figure it out, go here and then zoom in to your heart's content. Follow the km markers and arrows, and you should be able to make an educated guess. The media lap will take care of any lingering questions.

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Tom K said...

Great course guys. I've been biking around a lot of this area these days and this looks like a perfect mix of paths and trails.

With the latest forecast, this will be a 'real' nordic cross - giddy up!