Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TNR Report

After all the riding and not riding that went down on the weekend, it seemed like a leisurely ride was in order. So that is what happened. We rode to the Junk-shon to meet up with the Impaler. There was coffee and confabulation. Then we rode over to the klubhaus for some more confabulatory goodness.

The President was there. He did some presidential things. And then disappeared into the night.

The Hipster came dressed in his hippest threads. It was almost as if he was headed to a show.

That is fitting because we were treated to a show of sorts by a rather boisterous group whose enthusiasm was matched only by their inability to carry a tune. Still, they had a good time trying to guess the songs that came our way over the hi-fi. And, when able, they attempted to sing along with those songs. Their assistance was appreciated and timely, especially since Vic forgot his iphone and his fancy song identification app.

We debriefed the weekend. All agreed that it was awesome. It was also agreed that the decision to screen the films in chronological order was a mistake. Some thought was given to next year's film festival. At this point, the front runner seems to be 24 Hours of Bill Murray. But 24 Hours of Steve Buscemi received some nods of interest as well. My suggestion of 24 Hours of Cronenberg did not receive the affirmation it warranted. I will bring it up again. Vic suggested we go with a theme instead of an actor or director. As worthy as that idea seemed, it did not produce a theme worthy of further consideration. Fortunately, we have a little bit of time. The trial chip buffet was assessed as well. We decided that it was worth repeating at the spring ride, but thought that a little more effort might be in order so as to ensure sufficient variety. We do not want to get into a chip rut. Somebody will be appointed to head up this process.

We didn't just reminisce. We spent some time looking forward as well--specifically to the cyclocross season and the new race we will be doing on the dirt track at the Speedway. It will take place on Sept. 17. And it will be called Dark Cross, of course. Not only in honour of the Dark Side. But also in honour of the darkened sky under which we will be racing. Fortunately they have lights at the Speedway. We will put them to good use. They also have a fully stocked concession area. We will try to use it generously as well. It will be awesome.

We acknowledged the fact that Hummelt Hockey is fast approaching the end of another season. We did some sleuthing over the mystery that is the Summer of Brad campaign. We were unable to come to agreement on the likely mastermind behind this venture. But we were unified in our desire that the product line include t-shirts.

It was a good evening. But little did we know the highlight of the night would happen only after we were pushed out the door. It seems the Summer of Brad can not come soon enough. Winter is dragging him down. Way down. He waged another epic battle with his lock. This time it was not his eyes that failed. It was the lock itself. He tried some TLC. And he tried some tough love. Neither worked.

The Hipster and his delicate hands didn't fare any better.

Nor did the tripartite coalition of the (s)willing.

In the end, the bike stayed the night. We hope it was still there when Brad came back to retrieve it. Where is Juan Eppstein when you need him?

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Brad the Impaler said...

The bike was indeed there when I went to fetch it this morning. The lock? Well anything that vexes me that frequently has to die. It wasn't pretty.