Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweetest Jersey D-day

D as in decision time, cuz you know you want one.

Order thus far:

Dr. H. 1 lrg. T-shield winter jacket

Adam: 2 ss jersey, full zip l+xl
1 lrg. ss summer jersey full zip
1 xl. Tech Fleece Jacket

Thomas: 1 lrg. SS jersey - 1/2 zip

Via the secretary: 1 xl Windguard/Fleece Casual Jacket.

G: 1 lrg. ss club cut full zip
1 lrg. t-shield winter jacket

Cricket: 1 med. ss race cut full zip
1 med. ls race cut full zip
1 sm. ss womens 3/4 zip
1 lrg. ss race cut 3/4 zip

P&N: 1 med ls full zip,
2 sleeveless gun show 1x med, 1x small

The Hipster: 1 sml. ss race cut FULL zip

Tony H: 2 SS Jerseys XL/S +1 Jersey for the Fox & Hounds towards which I'm taking contributions

Dr. John: 1 SS, XL, full zip
1 LS, XL, full zip Club cut.

Order goes in after lunch, so you've got a few more hours to add items or get in touch with folks you know are itching for sweet duds.


Anonymous said...

If you missed my comment on the original order this morning, please add one small short sleeve race cut, full zip!

mhandsco said...

Got the order (thanks Doc), but had you down for a 3/4 zip.

Full zip - gotcha.

mhandsco said...

And we're done folks. Thanks for playing.

The Dark Lord said...

Awesome. Thanks Matt.

JP said...

If it's not too late (and it might just be) I would like one SS Large race cut full zip.


mhandsco said...

I'll see what I can do JP.

mhandsco said...

You're in JP. Order accepted, deposit paid and now we wait...

More news as it happens.