Monday, April 23, 2012

Andy, King of the Ardennes

Not to mention King of the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool. In the end, Andy swept the final three races to win by almost 1000 points. Congratulations Andy! Do you have a favourite Belgian beer?

Congratulations also to Troy. Second place in your vicarious racing debut is nothing to feel ashamed about. We hope you will be back to give the King another run for his money.

Full results and overall standings here.

Thanks for playing boys and girls. That was fun.

We will do it all again for the 2012 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. That starts on May 5. The pool will be launched some time the week before. We need to wait until the start list has been finalized. Check back early and often to make sure you don't miss out.


Troy said...

It looks like I spent too much time riding at the front of the bunch while the crafty King Andy bided his time and then launched a ferocious and decisive attack in the Ardennes. Chapeau to the King for his win and to the Dark Lord for running a great cycling pool. I especially enjoyed the witty commentary and race updates.

Happy riding and I look forward to revenge in the upcoming Giro Pool.


The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Troy.

The teams are starting to trickle in for the Giro. The FGBC's Dept. of Low Stake Gambling will start working on that shortly.