Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TNR Report

Something strange happened. The Secretary showed up on a bike. He had to close his eyes and think real hard about when it was that this happened last. In the end, he could not remember. But after the ride, he declared himself fit for the Spring Ride.

Bill said he wanted to ride hard. We said we would oblige.

Juan Eppstein was feeling introspective. Or perhaps he was just visualizing his first ever mtb race at Grand Beach this weekend.

We did not let Bill down. The pace was high. High for a Tuesday night, at least. We tested a potential road race circuit. It passed with flying colours. Expect to ride it again soon when we launch the new Dark Side Nocturne Series sometime in the next little while. Some did not make it to the end, electing to duck out to the klubhaus instead. That is never a bad call. We filled up the whole table in a final big push to break our previous record in "The Book." We should probably remember to ask for a count sometime in the next few weeks, what with the Spring Ride being less than a month away. Lyle needs to find a mountain bike. Cousin Adam talked up his forthcoming gravel road race. He was also generally enthused about cultivating more darkness on the local road scene. It might happen. Unless the dates for races keep changing to weekends that don't suit. The tunes were interesting. Lisa kept us guessing for a while. But toward the end of the night the Sex Pistols graced the HiFi for what may well be the first time ever. It was just like being in grade five all over again. Pretty Vacant. Good times.

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Adam said...

We should also note that the Secretary flatted. Surprise.
He retired last season's inner tube, replete with patches (one to commemorate each TNR, it seemed)and ceremoniously installed the 2012 tube. Ah, tradition.