Monday, April 30, 2012

G's ride/race report

When the whistle blew, I felt somewhat better than originally anticipated. Working on setting up the course, getting up too early, fighting off some sort of stomach ailment, and hanging out with non-racing lamers does not really get you feelin' race ready. I tried to stick with Tinker Link. He rode most of the race in third place. Turns out that Tinker folk are better technical riders than I. I would have thought that my skills would have improved with all the single track I have ridden over the past week. I guess riding at the KOM seven year old pace is not COMP. I did ride cleaner than usual though, cleaning both rock gardens at some point during the race. I did not however clean the 1st Rock Garden in my last lap which turned out to be my undoing. I was on the wheel of 2nd and 3rd place going in but boffed it at the very bottom. After running up, it took me three tries to get going again. That was the last time I saw those guys. Fort Garry Fourth is exactly what I was...I guess. Post race food was great. It was great to see a lot of old friends again. Thanks again to Olympia Club for hosting the good times.


The Dark Lord said...

G, you are awesome. That is all.

g said...

Don't worry...I was sure to give Tyson and Levi a high five on every lap.

I suck at the twisty stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tyson didn't get any more high fives from me after he mocked me for being behind his dad.

Kevin B said...

That's my boy. He is also telling some BS story about "I was ahead of Levi, wiped out in the sand. Some coach helped me wash the sand out of my mouth out. That's when Levi passed me." I told Tyson, he rides more like you Graham. (The eating sand part at least.)

Good times.
wv- aMoldi sksche

Anonymous said...

Jon was definitely breathing down my neck on lap three, and I'm only lucky there was a rock garden halfway through the lap. Jon, you definitely have improved your tech riding. I'm looking forward to the next contest!