Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Ride Report

The Sunday afternoon ride was a success, with eight of us riding out to Lockport, then Selkirk and back home.

The ride started at a comfortable pace, until Johnny strung us out on a windy road halfway to Lockport, fracturing the group in two.

We stopped in Lockport to regroup and decide how far to go. A leisurely ride out to Selkirk was agreed on. It did not turn out to be so leisurely. I'm pretty sure I'm more sore than after the gravel grinder.

On the way back there were some close calls with a malfunctioning tire, but really the highlight of the Selkirk section was pulling back into Lockport on the way back and finding that Josh had turned around to eat fries and ice cream until we were on the way home. No reason to be embarrassed, I think we were all jealous we didn't think of that first.

In the end we rode around 60-80km, depending if you started downtown or in North Kildonan. Good times were had, lets do it again.


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Great times again.

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