Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Troy, Sacked?

The King fired his first warning shot a few weeks back. "Troy must pay," he growled, teeth gritted and brow furled. At the Tour of Flanders, he confirmed that he wasn't joking around. And today, he finally realized his objective. King Andy is now looking down on Troy from atop the Overall Standings. He's smiling that smile of his we all know and love. But it's not over yet. Who will have the last laugh? Troy is only 40 points off the pace. Buckle up your seat belts, boys and girls. With three more races left in the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool, this battle could get entertaining. Andy is counting on Frank Schleck and Vincenzo Nibali for the Ardennes. He could get some decent points from Van Avermaet, who had a top five finish today. Jelle Vanendert (7th today) and Lloyd Mondory could contribute some points as well. Troy counters with Joachim Rodriguez, arguably the best of the Ardennes guys, and Milan-San Remo winner, Simon Gerrans. Haussler, Bak, Visconti, and Duque are his dark horses.

Andy did not win the race today. Anna did. The Dark Side's latest recruit will be counted on for some high finishes in fall. But she gave us a taste of what she has to offer today with 415 points and her first vicarious racing win. Andy was second with 400 points. Joe and Steve tied for third place. They each had 350 points.

Many laid goose eggs today. But Vic was not among them. Gilbert finished 12th today. And so Vic and all the others who were tempted by last year's show of domination picked up 95 points for that effort. It's not quite what they hoped for. But it's better than the string of crappy results he's had so far this season.

Full results and overall standings here.

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Troy said...

I am very much looking to the Ardennes Classics and a chance to unthrone King Andy. I may have previously been accused of counting my eggs before they hatched but I am optimistic that Rodriguez and Gerrans will lay some golden eggs while the elder Schleck and Nibali will lay nothing but goose eggs.