Monday, April 02, 2012

The King is Back

King Andy won the Vicarious Tour of Flanders. With contributions from Boonen, Van Avermaet, and Leukemans, he bagged 1080 points yesterday. This was his first win in the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool and signals the seriousness with which he is approaching the task of defeating the loudmouth rookie, Troy. The Halfrican finished second. He had 875 points. Joe was third with 750 points.

Troy is no longer leading the pool. I now have a slim 40 point lead over him. King Andy is in third place, 400 points from the lead, with Pete and Jonah rounding out the top 5.

And yes, Vic still has not scored a single point. That is now 14 races in a row.

In the real race, my boyfriend had a very bad day. Gilbert still sucks. And the so-called God of Thunder continues to strike fear in the hearts of absolutely no one.

Full results and overall standings here.

Up next: The Sheldeprijs Vlaanderen on Wednesday.


Troy said...

The temporary slip from the lead is no problem. Think of it like Riding second wheel in the sprint, waiting for just the right time to slip out of the draft and sprint for victory like Tornado Tom.

Great racing this spring and a great cycling pool.


The Dark Lord said...

Your team looks good for the Ardennes. So does Andy's. At this point, I feel like Ballan to your Boonen and Pozzato. Time to launch an attack this weekend at Paris-Roubaix.