Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TNR Report

No cars were crushed. Nor were any pedestrians chased. But poutine was consumed. Lots of it. And yes, it was awesome. Jonny G and I shared a Montreal themed order, with smoked meat, pickles, and mustard. It rated at least a two on the Epic Lindsay Scale.

The Impaler was intoxicated by the goodness of his serving as well.

The Secretary did indeed show up at the klubhaus. He did not assault any bikes. That was nice. But he did drop a bombshell that will no doubt take more than a little bit of time to digest: the President is unlikely to make it to the Spring Ride!!

The tunes sucked. But some how Jonny G knew them all. Weird.


g said...

Some of us know more music than Skynard's and Molly Hatchet's greatest hits.

The Dark Lord said...

It's Skynyrd.

the secretary said...

to clarify, I did not say "unlikely"... I said there's a notable conflict on the horizon.

g said...


Did you think "nard" was unintentional?

The Dark Lord said...

No, that had not occurred to us, Dude.

g said...